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State-of-Art Electrodes Produced by Actual Chlor Alkali Plant Operations for Ten Decades!

Daiso Engineering Co., Ltd. ("Daiso Engineering") is very proud of the efforts it has continuously made on its 100-year-old salt electrolysis technologies and electrode technologies to meet the ever-expanding needs of chlor alkali operators.

Daiso's chlor alkali operations date back to 1916 when it began operations of the first mercury process electrolysis plant in Kokura, Japan. Ever since then, Daiso has contributed to the development of various advanced technologies in the world of chemical industry.

Daiso Engineering, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Daiso Co., Ltd. ("Daiso"), has developed its own metal electrode technologies based on its accumulated electrochemical knowledge and electrolysis expertise. It has supplied operators of various industrial plants worldwide, including those for chlor alkali plants and electroplating plants with a vast range of state-of-art electrodes under the NEOLORD™ brand. Those electrodes include those coated with selected active metal catalysts on
their titanium/nickel substrates.

Daiso Engineering has continually devoted efforts to technical developments and the accumulation of operational expertise related to electrolysis plants and their surrounding facilities with full utilization of the company's commercial production facilities. Thus, users are fully assured of the safety of Daiso Engineering's electrodes application to their own commercial production facilities.

In electrogalvanizing steel plants, operations are normally required at a very high current density of more than 100 A/dm2. However, Daiso Engineering has met such market requirements to successfully attain extremely high performance of its electrodes in these plants, and as a result, it has maintained a large market share of more than 80% in Japan.

Product Information

Electrodes coated with catalysts on titanium/nickel substrates have been widely used for various industrial purposes, including that in the chlor alkali industry.

NEOLORD™; iridium oxide-type electrodes (metal electrodes of the platinum group) can reduce the electrolytic voltage more effectively than lead alloy electrodes and can also facilitate control of the electrolytic bath owing to the lower formation of sludge. In addition, iridium oxide-type electrodes are light weight and are made from safer materials than those of traditional electrodes, which can significantly improve the working environment.

NEOLORD™ products have demonstrated high durability at various electrolysis plants because of the special catalyst used, which ensures high economic advantages. Furthermore, electrolysis plants using NEOLORD™ electrodes facilitate the maintenance of the surrounding facilities and reduce waste water treatment costs. Consequently, users can realize large economic advantages with reduced operational costs and increased environmental protection.

In response to the expanding requirements of users, numerous technical options are available with NEOLORD™, such as, those in electrode shape design, electrode catalyst selection and electrolysis plant operations. Such options have led to steady patronage of Daiso Engineering's services.

Lead alloy electrodes, which have been generally used thus far for electrogalvanizing processes, may often cause exfoliation of the lead alloy when used as a catalyst or may produce sludge in the form of lead compounds, which will negatively affect the stable operations of electrogalvanizing processes. To avoid such problems, efforts have been made by Daiso Engineering to search for lead-free alternatives for its own electroplating plants in addition to those for chemical plants worldwide


NEOLORD™ is a general brand of Daiso Engineering's state-of-art electrodes and has an excellent electrochemical catalytic function. Those electrodes are coated and baked with Daiso Engineering's special platinum-group metal catalyst applied on the surface and titanium/nickel used as the base material substrates.

Substrate for Electrode

The method of manufacturing electrodes at Daiso Engineering is highly tailored according to the specific requirements of the user, from production of the substrates up to the supply of the substrates themselves from the users. The suggestions offered by Daiso Engineering based on its profound knowledge and expertise, even in the improvement of the substrates of the electrodes, are valued by users.


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